Atomic Quill Design
delivers the right words at the right time. We think before we write. Brochures, websites, flash videos, collateral materials - all require sleek copy that engages the reader, entices the reader, motivates the reader. We write copy that is muscular and compelling.

Atomic Quill Design
embraces a completely organic approach to the art of branding. And an art it is. We begin by understanding the history of the client's product or service, how it has evolved over that history. We examine past triumphs and hardships of a client's brand. Then we craft a compelling identity for the brand which may be a complete break from the past or a savvy deployment of traditional elements in a progressive new formulation. We understand that the idea of a brand is its soul and it is on the soul level that the best brands connect with the public. A brand should be a living entity that entices people to make it part of their lives.

We can help you create a signature force field of emotional connection with your clientele and maximize your message in an overheated media environment that too often values the brash over the best.

Atomic Quill Design
offers impeccable copywriting, editing and layout of all printed materials. We are especially known for our work on book covers and interiors:

      • literature and poetry
      • cookbooks
      • large format - art and photography
      • academic work in all fields
      • textbooks in all fields

Your book is our book. Whether you are publishing through an established press or are self-publishing, nothing grabs the attention of a potential reader like a well-designed book. We guarantee a unique and beguiling product that looks as good as it reads. We will work closely with your press' printing house to guarantee the highest quality of your work, on schedule.




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