Sign up medullary carcinoma of breast dr. Liawaty ho answered: where i can find a site medullary carcinoma of breast online? buy viagra generic where to buy cials and viagra online cheap viagra online usa generic viagra reviews discount viagra india generic viagra online pharmacy buy cheap viagra where can i buy viagra online buy female viagra usa Information please open this link - medullary carcinoma of breast: breast medullary carcinoma dr. Gene wong answered: my friend has invasive carcinoma medullary carcinoma. Whats that mean? Need more info medullary carcinoma is not organ specific and is a discription of how cancer looks like under microscope. Medullary cancer can be described in breast cancer, thyroid cancer for example. Thus the prognosis and treatment really depends on the origin of the cancer. Medullary carcinoma of breast: breast cancer cancer thyroid cancer inflammation of the thyroid breast thyroid medullary carcinoma microscope prognosis therapy dr. Lawrence hochman answered: how serious if my friends diagnosis of invasive carcinoma ductal with medullary carcinoma? Not trivial! Breast cancer, is most commonly of the invasive ductal type. Often there are mixed patterns with medullary or lobular histologies. Perhaps others as well. The most important factors however aren't mentioned here. Age, stage, grade, lymph node involvement all play a much more prognostic role at this point. Medullary carcinoma of breast: breast cancer cancer breast diagnosis invasive carcinoma medullary carcinoma dr. Keith stockerl-goldstein answered: can breast carcinoma be cured? Yes for many breast carcinoma is curable as long as it has not metastasized to other organs {stage 4}. The probability of cure is dependent on factors such as stage and hormone receptor status. Medullary carcinoma of breast: breast cancer breast carcinoma breast hormone receptor dr. Kris gast answered: is breast cancer the same as carcinoma? Cancer=carcinoma carcinoma is the latin word for cancer. Many different cancers are carcinomas... Like breast, lung, colon, and prostate. Medullary carcinoma of breast: cancer breast lung prostate colon breast cancer featured topics on healthtap can i get pregnant one week before my period my ear cramps organs of the respiratory system and their functions orange urine color organ diseases orange sinus drainage order of the scientific method can you be pregnant and have a normal pe.
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