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Bisaya english translations and dictionary what is the definition of lubag? In bisaya english dictionary, "lubag" is "twist \turn \tweak \warp \wrench \torsion \contortion ". More translations from filipinos below. Home cebuano dictionary tagalog english translator list of translators tagalog english translator tagalog bisaya translator english tagalog translator english bisaya translator bisaya english translator jokes, quotes & pictures funny pictures sms quotes and jokes jokes 2011 visayan jokes tagalog jokes love sms inspirational quotes search translate or define: from language: tagalog bisaya english to: tagalog bisaya english bisaya english translation of lubag what is the definition and translation of lubag in english? buy viagra without prescription buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale discount viagra generic best price Cebuano english part of speech lubag twist \turn \tweak \warp \wrench \torsion \contortion noun lubag bend \twist noun lubag twist \wring \contortion (see also liyog) noun lubag twist \wrench noun liso twist \turn \tweak \warp \wrench \torsion \contortion noun torsi twist \turn \tweak \warp \wrench \torsion \contortion noun tuis twist \turn \tweak \warp \wrench \torsion \contortion noun tuyok twist \turn \tweak \warp \wrench \torsion \contortion noun comment or ask help | add translation | add meaning suggestions lubog related cebuano translations lingog bawog liso ang gahi nga lusok sa binhi sa tanom ng... Lusok sa bugas liso sa pamiyenta liso sa kasoy duhay liso pinakaon og liso ang tuyok liso nga pauyon sa tinuyokan sa relo liso nga pasugat sa tinuyokan sa relo dispermous liyog dili tul-id bawog balog balikog baliyog arko if you know something about this term, share it here. Many people are also searching for information about lubag. Help them find it, make them happy. Sponsored links let us help each other. Please be polite in asking for help and sharing thoughts. Sort the comments to "reverse chronological" to see the latest posts. Like us on facebook are we helping you at least a little? Like us, it is the only donation we ask :) recently searched terms periodic gratify lent oncoming tumong energy wish kind pavement microscopic ang nadungog lamang ug dili kaugalingon... Recent prevention misfortune credit modest coachman sadness sweet imitate bis. ATOMIC QUILL DESIGN