Ss office   home about cancer support us news & resources funding & research about us you are here: home > your cancer type > anal cancer > treating anal cancer > chemotherapy > chemotherapy drugs for anal cancer anal cancer about anal cancer the anus causes screening symptoms types seeing a specialist what to ask diagnosing anal cancer tests further tests what to ask treating anal cancer stages outlook and stats treatment types radiotherapy about radiotherapy having treatment side effects what to ask chemotherapy about chemo drugs what to ask chemoradiation surgery types of surgery having surgery colostomy what to ask follow up research what to ask living with anal cancer feelings coping with colostomy sex life diet what to ask about this section organisations reading list anal cancer clinical trials anal cancer questions and answers chemotherapy drugs for anal cancer this page is about the chemotherapy drugs used to treat anal cancer. A quick guide to what's on this page chemotherapy drugs for anal cancer side effects of anal cancer chemotherapy taking part in clinical trials supplements, herbal treatments and chemotherapy     a quick guide to what's on this page chemotherapy drugs for anal cancer the drugs most commonly used for anal cancer are fluorouracil (5fu) and mitomycin c. Further down this page you can find names of other drugs you may have. The common side effects of chemotherapy for anal cancer include a fall in the number of blood cells feeling sick diarrhoea sore mouth and mouth ulcers hair loss or thinning feeling tired and run down you usually have chemotherapy into your blood stream (intravenously), through a drip. Though doctors are now looking at a tablet form of 5fu (called capecitabine) to treat anal cancer. Side effects of chemotherapy for anal cancer drugs affect people in different ways. Some people will have very few side effects, others will have more. It is important to tell your doctor or chemotherapy nurse about any side effects you have. Always talk to your doctor before taking any dietary supplements or herbal medicines with chemotherapy, as these might. cheap generic viagra cheap viagra online viagra for sale buy cheap viagra online cheap viagra viagra online buy viagra online  


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